Hiring to Start the New Year? Be Sure to Run Your Candidates Through the Pentagon Check

The beginning of the year is a popular time to hire, and it’s just as important as ever to ensure you don’t bring on someone with a problematic history. Sentinel Security makes certain you know all there is to know about who you’re hiring with our “Pentagon Check” – a five-step background check that delves deep into who a candidate really is:

1. SSN Trace & Address Locator – We help reduce the risk you’ll hire a candidate who omitted a place of residence linked to a pending charge, arrest warrant or criminal record by locating every current and former address associated with their SSN.

2. National Criminal Record Indicator – If a candidate committed an offense outside the area they live, we’ll help reveal it using our “National Criminal Records Indicator,” which searches information from trusted sources including state sex offender registries, FBI’s most wanted, and multiple online country records.

3. Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches – Based on the information we gather in steps 1 and 2, we’ll automatically order statewide or county criminal record searches dating back at least 7 years.

4. Federal Criminal Record Search – It’s possible that serious crimes like mail and wire fraud may only be reported in federal district courts, and won’t be found in a standard statewide or county criminal record search. We mitigate this potential issue by using a candidate’s addresses and records to form the scope of our search.

5. Driving Record Search – Finally, we’ll shed light on any possible character issues in a candidate by looking into suspended licenses, drug- and alcohol-related driving offenses, failures to appear in court, and other indicators that the candidate may have substance abuse or other behavioral problems.

If you plan to ramp up hiring again to start the new year, make sure you hire safe and smart with the help of Sentinel Security. To learn more about our employment background screening checks, or to schedule a confidential consultation, contact us at 718-740-3600 today.

You Need Elite Security for Your Luxury Boutique

Your luxury boutique is a prime target for theft and vandalism, which can affect the safety of your staff and customers, your business image, and your bottom line. To protect against these threats, you need elite security, and Sentinel Security is just that. Whether you’re located on Fifth Ave, the Upper East Side, or anywhere else in or around the City, our proven professionals will protect everyone’s safety and your valuable merchandise.

We Are Trained Professionals

Our armed and unarmed security guards are highly-trained and effective at protecting luxury retailers like you, where the threat of shoplifting and armed theft is elevated. We’re experts at detecting potential problems and preventing or putting a quick stop to them.

We Are Dressed for Success

While our primary concern is safety, we understand that the way we look matters to you and your customers. Our agents are well-groomed, clean-cut, and outfitted in the finest suits and uniforms, allowing us to blend in with your staff. The look you desire is the look you’ll get, and you don’t need to lower your aesthetic standards just to maintain a safe environment.

We Will Meet Your Needs 24/7

As a leading security provider, we work to exceed your expectations. Our agents are available around-the-clock to meet your needs, including:

  • Store Security
  • Product Launching
  • Product Transports
  • Overnight Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Inventory Audits
  • Plainclothes/Undercover Agents
  • Undercover Employees
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Temporary Coverage
  • Holiday Coverage

Contact Us Today to Secure Your Luxury Boutique

The holidays are here, and retail is in full-swing, so it’s more important now than ever to protect your luxury boutique. Contact Sentinel Security today by calling (718) 740-3600.

Sentinel Security Makes Special Events e-SPECIAL-ly Safe

In some places, things slow down when winter rolls around. New York isn’t one of those places. Not a day goes by without corporate events, fundraisers, concerts – you name it. When you host a special event in New York City, you need elite-level security, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Sentinel.

Whether indoors or out, special events pose a unique set of challenges, and Sentinel always rises to the occasion. Indoor events, like trade shows and fundraisers, can be targets for theft, especially if high value items are on site. Outdoor events, like festivals and street fairs, lack a closed structure, and require setting and enforcing a strong perimeter.

We’ve provided special events security for indoor and outdoor high-profile events for years, so we know how to customize a plan to secure yours. Our security experts are picked from a pool of the most highly-qualified, rigorously trained armed guards in the business. They are effective in deterring violent crime, and can put a stop to dangerous situations, often before they even arise.

We provide full security services for:

  • Corporate events
  • Celebrity fundraisers
  • Expos and tradeshows
  • World premieres
  • Sporting events
  • Private parties and functions
  • Product launches
  • Concerts
  • And much more

We believe that your special events security needs to be special, so leave nothing to chance. Contact Sentinel today or call 718-740-3600 to set up a consultation.

Count on Sentinel for Executive & VIP Protection

The reality is, people who live under the microscope – politicians, celebrities, industry leaders and executives – face scrutiny and often anger, sometimes from people who intend to do them harm. Therefore, the need for a smart, strategic and organized protection plan has never been more crucial. Sentinel can provide you with exactly that – we offer elite Executive & VIP Protection services to keep you and your family safe.

We will develop a plan to protect you and your loved ones from a myriad of threats, including assault, intimidation, stalking and kidnapping. Our agents work with law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels to provide a comprehensive plan for air and ground transportation, counter-surveillance, advanced security measures, and more. We minimize your risks by deploying experienced security professionals with impeccable track records – nothing second rate. And, we always keep your needs and desire for peace of mind and a sense of normalcy in life at the forefront of our minds.

If you’re a high-profile individual in the New York metropolitan area, count on Sentinel for unbeatable Executive & VIP Protection services. Contact us today or call 718-740-3600 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Cover the Bases with a Background Check

Baseball fans are likely familiar with the term “five tool player.” For those unfamiliar, it is used to describe a rare breed of player who excels in five categories: hitting for power, hitting for average, fielding ability, throwing ability and speed. As in baseball, there aren’t many five tool players in the world of background checks, but Sentinel Security is one of them. We cover all five categories critical in assessing the viability of prospective employees through our “Pentagon Check.” They are:

  1. SSN Trace & Address Locator – We go way beyond the basics and pin down all of the candidate’s current and former addresses using their SSN. This mitigates the risk of potentially hiring a candidate who omitted a residence linked to a criminal record, pending charge or arrest warrant.
  2. National Criminal Records Indicator – Our National Criminal Records Indicator searches FBI’s Most Wanted, state sex offender registries, online county records and other databases to uncover hidden offenses that may have taken place outside of the jurisdiction in which the candidate resides.
  3. Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches – If the information gathered in a SSN Trace & Address Locator and National Criminal Records Indicator warrants doing so, we order appropriate county and statewide criminal record searches going back at least seven years.
  4. Federal Criminal Record Searches – Bank robbery, child pornography, drug trafficking and other serious offenses may be reported solely in federal district courts and thus may not be found in standard statewide or county searches. We use a candidate’s address history to determine the parameters of our search.
  5. Driving Record Searches – As an employer, what you’re really aiming to do is find out about the candidate’s character. You can learn a lot about a candidate who has received a DUI, driven with a suspended license or failed to appear in court.

Like a five tool player, Sentinel Security covers all the bases. Don’t hire a candidate without putting them through our “Pentagon Check.” To learn more, visit our employment background screening page or call us at 877-365-SECURE to arrange a consultation.

Fight Aggression With Sentinel Security

Interacting with customers on a daily basis will teach anyone that people can be aggressive. This is especially true when they believe they have been wronged in some way, and can often lead to damage to your property or injury to your employees or customers if you or a manager doesn’t know how to defuse the situation quickly. That’s why so many businesses and retailers rely on Sentinel Security to handle any issues that arise on their properties. If you don’t have our security guards on site yet, there are both verbal and non-verbal strategies that can help with managing an aggressive customer:


  • Be aware of the body language you are using, presenting a non-threatening, open stance.
  • Keep good eye contact without allowing it to come off as confrontational.
  • Keep physical movements calm, moving slowly and steadily.
  • Give the aggressor their personal space. 


  • Listen to what they’re saying and accept, recognize and emphasize any positive aspects of what is being said.
  • Be respectful by using formalities, while working toward familiarity.
  • Reflect, clarify and summarize the aggressor’s thoughts and feelings to demonstrate understanding.
  • Avoid expression of power on your part – don’t make demands.

Using these tactics when dealing with an aggressive customer can save both parties a lot of trouble. Always contact the authorities and never try to physically detain someone unless it’s completely necessary, and always bring back up! Sentinel Security is your best bet when it comes to dealing with aggressive behavior at your workspace. Our agents can take control of any situation and provide the protection and security you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Keeping Your Data Confidential

These days, everything is connected and that means your data is susceptible to being intercepted. Keeping things like client lists, financial reports and other personal information out of the wrong hands should always be a priority, but even more so today when we share everything with everyone. Here are some tips for protecting your sensitive data:

  • Volume of data: reducing the information collected and retained so you’re keeping only what is necessary.
  • Disposal of data: Properly shred or destroy physical copies of your personal data. This includes CDs, DVDs, hard drives and other portable media devices.
  • Securing of data: Keep computers password protected and restrict employee use to specific personnel.
  • Handling of data: Have employees trained on policies and procedures to avoid mishandling of confidential information. Ensure they encrypt all data transmissions and restrict use of flash drives, DVDs and CDs.

If you need the help of a professional security company to better protect your physical or digital files, we are always up for the challenge. Not only do we excel in event and VIP protection, but your business’ information will also be kept safe and secure. Contact us today and protect your confidential information with Sentinel.

Get Proper Security Assessment With Sentinel

Sentinel knows that assessing a potential threat quickly and resolving it immediately could be the difference between a job well done and a loss of our client’s assets and trust. It’s for that reason we train our security personnel for the highest level of awareness at all times. Our security assessment protocols follow very specific steps: 

  1. Identify threat: Our personnel’s ability to spot a threat comes from training and years of experience. 
  1. Evaluate seriousness: Determining how serious the threat is directs our next actions. Using the right amount of force could keep a situation from escalating; too much could cause further problems.
  1. Intervene: If a situation doesn’t settle on its own, or begins to escalate, our agents know when to move from observing to taking action. 
  1. Monitor safety plan: When the dust settles, we’ll go over how the situation was handled, and how to best prevent it in the future.

Risk is always a factor when your company deals with the public or large numbers of employees. Sentinel is the right choice for threat assessment and other security needs. Don’t let bad situations get worse, contact us today and let us keep an eye on your assets for you.

Suspicious Packages Assessed By Sentinel

Sentinel’s security guards are trained to spot and handle suspicious packages. Whether they’re sent to your home or office, or as a letter or parcel, there are ways to assess potential danger. If gone unnoticed, these suspicious packages and letters could lead to a dangerous, if not deadly, situation. Know what to look for, and always be on guard.

  • Restricted endorsements like “confidential” and “private”, if unusual for the addressee to receive items like this, could be a hint that something’s not right.
  • Incorrect titles or names can indicate a problem, especially if misspelled.
  • Excessive postage suggests it came from a foreign country, which, if it isn’t an expected piece of mail, can raise suspicion.
  • Odors, stains and excessive tape, or other signs of unprofessional packaging.
  • If you notice any pressure or resistance when removing contents from an envelope or parcel, stop handling the package immediately.

Our guards will be on the lookout for these and many other signs that a package or letter could be a threat. If you come across a suspicious package, make sure to follow the suggested course of action!

  • Contact your local police department, or call 9-1-1
  • DO NOT move, alter, open, examine or disturb the package
  • Open windows in the immediate area to vacate any potentially explosive gases
  • Clear the immediate area and isolate the package as much as possible

Responding under pressure is a skill that is learned by Sentinel’s guards, are trained to act in extreme situations and protect all of your assets. Contact us today to learn more about what services we offer.

Keep Your Assets Safe With Fire Watch

At Sentinel, we believe that being prepared for any situation is vital to the safety and security of your company and its assets. Our fire safety experts will train you and your employees in the various facets of fire safety through our fire safety seminars. We also offer many services, including designing plans for emergencies, maintaining fire safety and much more.

Our fire safety plan design is a preventive application of our expert knowledge, custom tailored to suit your company. Even with a proper safety plan in place, accidents can happen. Our emergency action plan design is crucial in getting employees and valuables safely away from any situation that could result in injury. When you plan ahead with Sentinel you can rest easy knowing that if disaster strikes, you and your company will be ready for it.

Fire and evacuation drills help your employees remember the safety protocols we’ve put into place. Points of egress and alternative routes can save lives, especially in an emergency situation. It’s important to run drills on a consistent basis in order to keep it fresh in everyone’s minds.

Moving your company to a new building? Sentinel also offers fire code compliance, violation corrections, and building inspections for those situations where you want to be sure you’re making the right move. Resolve fire hazards quickly by having Sentinel assess any potential issues such as faulty wiring, inaccessible fire extinguishers, and unmarked fire exits.

Don’t let another day go by without the help of Sentinel’s Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards. Your peace of mind is just as important to us as the safety your company. Contact Sentinel now for your fire safety needs. Your safety is our goal.