Components of Threat Assessment

At Sentinel, our armed guards are trained by the best. And when it comes to threat assessment, our guards know what to look for and how to handle a wide array of situations – from suspicious packages to monitoring heightened alerts. They accomplish this by following the three major components to threat assessment:

Identify: Identifying threats to commit a potential unfavorable act. Authorities must also convey that the tips will be dealt with carefully and responsibly; understanding that potential people who report threats fear that they could wrongly implicate someone else, entangle themselves in trouble, or both.

Assess: Determining the seriousness of the threat from multiple sources. That could involve security professionals, school counselors, supervisors or human resources managers talking to the person of concern and his or her peers and supervisors, as well as looking at social media sties, to better understand whether or not the person is planning violence.

Manage: Developing intervention plans to address the underlying issue. In the cases where the assessment reveals a true threat, our professionals will develop a plan to interrupt the potential pathway to violence.

By following these three principles of threat assessment, our armed guards will always be at the ready to handle anything. If you’re looking for armed guards for VIP protection, secure ground transport, crowd control or more, don’t hesitate to contact Sentinel today.