School Security Guards in NYC

Friendly school security guard working on elementary school campus

At Sentinel Management Group, Inc., we understand the importance of having a capable and dependable security presence in schools. That’s why we offer professional school security guard services that are designed to protect campuses and classrooms of all kinds.

With an increase in the frequency of active shooter tragedies in recent years, it’s more essential than ever to secure access, monitor surveillance, and identify suspicious behavior in our learning facilities in order to protect students, faculty, and staff.

Our school security guards can help to prevent crime and theft and to enforce campus policy, creating an environment in which children can focus on what’s most important:  Receiving an education.  Our officers are hand-picked from within the New York security industry, many of which are former NYPD Law Enforcement Officers.  Training and experience are essential in the schools and we recommend law enforcement grade officers to all of our school clients.

Protecting Schools Across the New York Metropolitan Area

We offer our school security services to educational institutions of all kinds. Sentinel Management Group proudly protects:

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Charter schools
  • Boarding schools
  • Religious schools
  • Resident camps
  • Dorm complexes

Though the institutions may vary, our aim is always the same:  To protect the general welfare of all students, teachers, staff members, and visitors at all times.

School Security Guards & Systems

When you hire our NY security guards to protect your school, you can be sure that they’re fully trained and qualified to tackle any situation that may arise. Many of our guards are former NYPD law enforcement officers with an expansive knowledge of local laws and legal procedures. They have many years of experience in identifying and thwarting criminal activity. This means that they not only have the training necessary to take action in the event of a crisis, but that they also have the skills to identify suspicious activity before a crisis occurs.


Benefits of Working with a School Security Company

There are many advantages to enlisting the help of NYC security guards to protect your school. Whether it’s to control access to your campus and classrooms, have a qualified professional in the event of an emergency, or to maintain a solid line of communication between your institution and local law enforcement, your school will be better off when a security staff is present.

Take a look at some of the major benefits of school security services:

Safety and Peace of MindIt’s not simply about being protected…it’s about feeling protected. When your school is under the watch of a professional security service, your students, faculty, staff members, and visitors can go comfortably about their business, focusing on their own responsibilities, all while knowing that a qualified professional is there to respond in the event of an emergency.

Taking the Burden Off of TeachersIn some educational facilities, teachers are expected to respond in the event of an emergency in order to protect their students. This is not only an unfair expectation for someone who has not been trained to handle difficult situations, but it’s also dangerous.

With school security services, your teachers can focus on the job they were hired for:  Helping kids to learn and grow.

Have a First Responder Ready in a Crisis SituationWe never go to school or work with the expectation that a crisis will unfold later in the day. But the unfortunate truth is that tragedies occur all the time.

You need to have your school prepared in order to protect your students, faculty, staff members, and visitors. Hiring a school security company puts that task into qualified hands so that you can rest assured knowing that if a crisis arises, someone will be there to take swift action.

Strengthen Community Relationships with Local Law EnforcementSome communities have a level of distrust between local residents and the police force. A trusted school security guard can help to bridge the gap between the two and begin to improve this damaged relationship.

Sentinel understands that being a leader in the school security industry is all about, safety, service and exceeding expectations. There are no second chances.  We stand ready to  meet all of your school security needs including:

  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
  • Active  Shooter Seminars & Training
  • Access Control & Surveillance Cameras
  • Security Assessment
  • Fostering a positive, helpful environment for students and faculty
  • Observing and reporting incidents on-site
  • Acting as a deterrent to poor behavior and unsafe actions of individuals
  • Police Liaison with local law enforcement

Choose Sentinel MGI for Your School Security Services

If you’re in need of school security guards in New York, Sentinel MGI can help. We offer affordable rates on high quality security services that are perfect for a bustling school environment. Our trained guards often have previous experience with law enforcement or military service, which makes them well suited to securing campuses and classrooms.

At Sentinel MGI, we are dedicated to protecting younger generations through our security services,  ensuring that they have a chance to receive a quality education without worrying about what may happen at their school. Contact us today for more information about the things we can do to equip your school with tailored security solutions.