Corporate Security Assessment

Lock When it comes to Corporate Security Assessment and Security Services in the New York Metro area, a threat assessment is a comprehensive review and analysis of your organization’s safety and security function. This in-depth analysis will provide a point of reference for today and a plan for tomorrow. We use a variety of techniques in our assessment to provide our clients with a workable plan to secure their organization.  Some of the factors that we consider are as follows:

Facility Characterization

An initial step in security threat assessment is to characterize the facility operating states and conditions. This step requires developing a thorough description of the facility itself (the location of the site boundary, building locations, floor plans, and access points). A description of the processes within the facility is also required, as well as identification of any existing physical protection features. This information can be obtained from several sources, including facility design blueprints; process descriptions, safety analysis reports, environmental impact statements, and site surveys.


Before a vulnerability analysis can be completed, a description of the threat is required. This description includes the type of adversary; tactics, and capabilities Also, information is needed about the threat to estimate the likelihood that they might attempt the undesired events.  The specific type of threat to a facility is referred to as the design basis threat (DBT).


After the threat spectrum has been described, the information can be used together with statistics of past events and site-specific perception to categorize threats in terms of likelihood that each type of threat would attempt an undesired event.   Safety studies have historical data and statistics to predict the likelihood of an abnormal event and the system response to the event. Estimating the likelihood that an adversary group will attack a specific asset presents a challenge.  Because of the human element – the fact that humans plan, rehearse, learn and modify in order to optimize the attack effectiveness, the events are not random and many of the required mathematical assumptions cannot be met.  Human behavior is difficult to predict.

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