When to Hire Armed Guards

As with most security measures, there’s a time and place for everything. Our highly trained armed guards are great for security, but they should only be considered when completely necessary as to avoid prompting panic among your guests, customers or clients. Here are situations where you should consider using our armed guard services for your security needs:

  • Priceless Valuables

Are you hiring security to protect valuables that are worth a great deal of money, such as jewelry, art and other items? Then Sentinel’s armed guards are perfect for deterring thieves, or discouraging other crimes. This is especially important as criminals trying to get away with your valuables may be armed themselves.

  • Violent Tendencies

Some environments are more prone to violent outbreaks. For example, establishments in high-crime areas that operate during late-night hours, such as bars and nightclubs. Even hospital emergency rooms can incite frustration and anger among patrons, leading to violence.

  • Guards Will Be Out Of Sight

Hiring armed security guards may put business owners at ease for obvious reasons, but they can also put customers and guests on edge. Seeing an armed guard may put thoughts in patrons’ heads that the business is not a safe place to be. Armed guards who will remain unseen unless needed will reduce any notion of uncertainty from customers.

If any of the above situations apply to what you’re looking for in security, Sentinel’s armed guard services are an appropriate way to combat any potential threat. Contact us online today or call for top-notch, reliable security solutions.