Hire Sentinel’s Armed Guards for Your VIP & Executive Protection Needs

Sentinel Management Group’s armed guards are ideal for protecting corporate offices, brick and mortar retail stores and other business locations throughout New York, but our trained professionals can be used in more personal applications as well. VIP and executive protection can also be provided by our armed security officers in order to protect…

  • Industry leaders
  • Corporate executives
  • Entertainment celebrities
  • Prominent political leaders
  • Attorneys
  • Witnesses in court cases and their immediate families

If you’re in need of VIP protection from our armed guards, we’ll develop a security and safety plan for any organization or individual to mitigate any threats to their safety, including kidnapping; assault; intimidation; stalking; harassment and more, through the use of secure air and ground transportation; advanced security measures; counter-surveillance measures; and medical assistance.

Take advantage of our worldwide contacts and resources. Call or contact Sentinel Management Group online today to hire our well-trained armed security guards to protect your VIPs and executives.