Fire Protection Services In New York City

Fire Watch Service In NYC

A fire watch guard in New York requires FDNY certified individuals in several circumstances; some circumstances include:

  1. All hotels and motels require FDNY certified personnel at all times.
  2. High-rise office buildings require FDNY certified personnel any time that there are 500 people in the building OR 100 people in the sub-grade levels OR above the 1st Floor.
  3. When sprinkler systems are not installed (i.e. construction sites)
  4. A fire guard must be on duty when the fire protection system in a building under construction is not working.
  5. Most construction sites:
    • Fire guards are required on construction, alteration and demolition sites when work is not in progress, except between the hours of 12 midnight and 8:00 AM.
    • All fire watch Guards are FDNY certified and most have multiple fire safety related certifications. These certifications are from various sources (i.e. Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Fire Academy, Emergency Management Institute etc).
    • Additionally, all of our personnel for construction sites have OSHA training, and all of our personnel have received additional training is safety and related areas.

The Best Fire Guard In NYC

An NYC security guard’s actual value comes from their actions when a fire alarm is raised and your business or property is at risk of losing a lot of money or becoming completely dysfunctional. So, the return on investment, in case of hiring security guards or fire guard comes from the value they impart to protect your project or property. If it is difficult for you to imagine, just check the statistics of the robberies, break-ins, fires and thefts in your neighborhood during the past one year, along with the resulting losses and you would realize the degree of threat your business is exposed to.

Or, just calculate the cost of repair of your property, you would have incurred, as a result of the damage caused by vandalism. Or, just imagine the fire evacuations that might have taken place in the absence of a Fire Watch New York officer. A Fire Watch New York is also trained in the prevention of medical emergencies. Just imagine how many workers might get injured if there is no trained security officer or fire guard around.

Sometimes, you are also threatened by the employees, you have fired. Calculate all these possible financial losses versus the salary you pay to your security guards or a fire guard every year. You’ll find that the salaries you pay to your security staff and fire guard are just a fraction of the financial advantages of hiring these dedicated fire guard servicemen. It is the best return on investment you can ever have.

Fire Watch Service Pricing

NYC Fire Guards has some of the best pricing in the industry. Additionally, the quality and the training of our fire safety personnel gives us the advantage of offering the highest value to our clients.

Fire Safety Management

Our management at Fire Watch New York Guards is comprised of individuals that are actually FDNY certified professionals in fire safety. This gives an advantage over our competitors.

Additionally, we provide around the clock supervision of our fire guards at sites. This service is provided at no additional to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients.

(The number of fire guards required depends on the size and location of the field site. If the site fronts on one street, one fire guard is required for each 10,000 square feet or where the building exceeds 75 feet in height.)