Trained to be the Best

With the way the world is constantly changing, you need security that can adapt to those changes quickly and easily – and that’s why our armed guards are constantly trained and re-trained on how to spot and handle threats in a world full of anonymity.

Our guards are trained to look out for signs of a threat related to:

Body Language

The way someone interacts with figures of authority or other bystanders can reveal more to a trained eye than to an average passerby.


Often criminals will wear bulky clothing to hide their intentions – whether it is theft or terrorism. If the clothing doesn’t fit the climate or the environment, our guards will investigate further.


Oncoming attacks can often be spotted a mile away with the right set of eyes on the scene. Certain behaviors – such as constantly looking over one’s shoulder, or complete disregard for anything happening in the area due to intense focus – can often give away a potential threat.

The training our armed guards go through is extensive, and will cover the points above and beyond to ensure they’re prepared to take on anything thrown their way – so that your VIPs, events, warehouses and retail stores can remain safe on our watch. Contact us today to learn more.