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Manahttan & NY Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

Manhattan & NY Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

Sentinel’s security officers are carefully screened and selected from the greater New York law enforcement community and private security sector.  We provide both armed and unarmed security officers, and you can rest assured that all of our officers are clean-cut, professional, courteous, and highly experienced.We have built a model of expert service, consistency, integrity, and reliability.


Training is of paramount importance at Sentinel Management Group, Inc.  Our security officers receive forty hours of training within the first year which include:

  • Suspicious Packages
  • Legal Authority: Scope and Limitations
  • Search and Seizure
  • Law of Arrest
  • Fundamentals of  Security
  • Human Relations
  • Field Interview Techniques
  • Report Writing and Documentation

We monitor specific or heightened terrorist threats or alerts, and our security team is aware and updated on emerging developing trends and scenarios.

The officers wear conservative business attire or uniforms as appropriate.  These security officers are ideal for a variety of security scenarios and assignments. Our strength lies in our ability to plan, staff and deliver a security team consistent with our client’s security plan.

– Events and places suitable for NY armed security

NY armed security is proper for businesses or events that are often targeted by thieves or violent offenders. The more valuable the items or persons needing protection, the greater the fitness for armed security personnel. Such locations and events include:

  • High-end retail outlets, such as jewelry stores or antique shops
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Financial institutions
  • Private airports, or restricted areas of public airports
  • Campaign events with political candidates or speakers
  • Entertainment events with high-level celebrities or VIPs

– Events and places suitable for NY unarmed security

NY unarmed security may be a more reasonable choice for establishments or public events that carry little or no risk to personal lives but could present lower-level threats to property or merchandise. Unarmed security may be best for:

  • Schools
  • Places of worship
  • Small retail businesses
  • Department stores
  • Sports events
  • Concerts or festivals
  • Public spaces or plazas


Factors to consider in hiring armed or unarmed security services

Armed and unarmed guard services in New York both have the goal of protection against crime, violence, or damage, but offer distinct levels of service against different security risks. Deciding which type to hire requires careful consideration of several factors of your location or event:

  • Primary goals of hiring security. All security services offer protection. Whether to use armed or unarmed security depends on what you most need to protect: money, rare artwork, jewels, and other valuables, the location or building your event takes place—or the life and safety of individual people or groups.
  • Budget. Armed services offer advanced levels of protection but cost more money in both hourly rates and potential insurance premiums. Unarmed security costs less but may not cover all the security measures you require. Weighing these factors against what you can afford to spend is crucial.
  • Experience. Whether employing unarmed or armed security services, using guards with sufficient experience with your situation is always advantageous. Your security staff should have real-world familiarity with advanced-risk events.
  • Training and certification. Armed guards require more in-depth education and certified training—those who achieve official rank may even have college degrees in their field. In most states, unarmed guards must undergo at least 40 hours of practical training. Background checks and drug tests may also be part of their ongoing certification.
  • Risk and liability exposure. By nature of their position and the arms they carry, armed security officers entail more risk than unarmed ones. Liability exposure is minimized with unarmed guards. Again, the nature of your situation and what you’re guarding dictates what level of risk aversion you can take on.


Benefits of hiring armed or unarmed guard services in New York

Certain security guards are right for specific situations, depending on what you’re protecting and the kind of security presence you want to project:

  • Armed guards -Armed guards make for a more formidable presence at your event. Their fortified appearance can immediately discourage the thought of any criminal or life-threatening acts. Armed guards are also more experienced in risky situations and have the proper authority and knowledge when they need to resort to forceful measures. They’re fully trained in how and when to deploy firearms and supply the deepest level of security in high-profile public events or VIP transport.
  • Unarmed guards -Often the mere appearance of any kind of security detail is enough to deter unwanted activity, and unarmed security offers that level of protection without the unnecessary risk of liability, intimidation, or personal injury. It’s easier to approach an unarmed guard in a situation with reduced risk, as they can appear friendlier and more open to offering assistance. Unarmed guards are often all the protection one may need against non-threatening activities like shoplifting, vandalism, loitering, or trespassing in places like retail outlets or residential complexes.


Our guards are perfect for every event where security is needed. Check out a full list of our services below:

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