Fire Watch & Emergency Action Plan

New York Licensed Fire Guard, Manhattan Certified Fire WatchOur Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards are experienced, professional and highly-trained officers.  Also, all of our officers are certified and licensed security officers. We understand the importance of fire safety and security and strive to make our client’s buildings, properties and assets safe, safe and secure on all fronts and from all possible threats.  We can assist you with your emergency action plan.

Our Fire Safety Directors and New York Licensed Fire Guards are ideal for:

  • Hotels Security & Fire Safety
  • Hi-Rise Building Security & Fire Safety
  • Office Building Security & Fire Safety
  • Construction Sites
  • Fire Watch Services
  • Special Events
  • Cargo Security & Warehouses
  • Disaster, Crisis, and Emergency Response
  • Sporting Event Security & Fire Safety



Our fire safety experts and training staff are exclusively chosen from the executive leadership of the New York City Fire Department.  We are the proven field generals of the FDNY.  Fire safety is not what we do, it is our passion and it defines us as who we are.  Our training seminars and fire safety drills are the model for all to follow; we provide in-depth information, training and analysis.   While the scope of training is comprehensive, informative and second to none, for us, it is not only about covering information.  Our goal is to save lives through our training.  We are expert motivational trainers and we put forth our information and material in such a way that our clients will never forget – we usually get a standing ovation at the end of our presentation!

If we know that our clients are better prepared for their emergency action plan, then we know that we had accomplished our mission.

Our services include:

  • Fire Safety Plan Design
  • Emergency Action Plan Design
  • Fire Drills
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Fire Safety Seminars
  • Fire Code Compliance
  • Violation Correction
  • Building Inspection

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