Armed Guards

Armed Guards Manhattan

Detecting a potential threat among a densely packed crowd of loud event attendees, press corps and passersby is like finding a needle in a haystack — except this needle can do much more harm than a pinprick and by that time, it’s too late. That’s why you need Sentinel’s highly trained, fully licensed Armed Guards watching your back, front, right and left periphery, and all the angles in between.

Far from some fly-by-night amateurs, Sentinel Armed Guards represent the private security sector’s best and brightest, including many current and former NY law enforcement professionals. With decades of in-field experience at their disposal, our Armed Guards are well-trained and equipped to detect, respond to, and neutralize virtually any threat. Scanning a crowd, spotting a suspicious package, monitoring heightened alerts and responding to specific or general threats are all second nature to our team.

Upon assignment, Sentinel conducts a thorough survey of the area, organization or individual our Armed Guards will be protecting. Our Armed Guards then receive a detailed security briefing, which identifies any potential threats and ensures a quick, tactical response is ready when needed.

Sentinel Armed Guards are available for:

As a full-service, licensed, bonded and insured security firm, Sentinel maintains a diverse client base including attorneys, corporations, private individuals, nonprofit organizations sports teams and others. These clients trust Sentinel Armed Guards because of our professionalism, experience, training and reputation as New York’s finest security squad. There are no situations too serious and no crises too significant for our team to handle.