Holiday Season With Sentinel’s Armed Guards

With the holidays upon us, there’s no doubt that you’ll see an increase in foot traffic at your business. No matter what valuables you sell, store, clean, or buy in your business, now is a critical time to properly protect yourself from theft.

Sentinel’s Armed Guards can help keep your inventory safe and secure:

  • Comprehensive training undergone by all of our armed guards
  • Most armed guards employed by Sentinel have experience in NY law enforcement
  • We conduct thorough surveys of the area, organization, or individual being guarded
  • Armed guards are available for VIP protection, secure ground transport, special event security, crowd control, and much more

Whether you’re worried about spotting potential threats, or just keeping your retail space safe, hiring Sentinel’s Armed Guards is the best choice you can make! Contact us today to learn more about how Sentinel can make your holidays even safer.