Boosting Security for the Holidays

Improving the security at your retail store is always an important step to protecting your assets and valuables, but it’s especially important during the holiday season. With the increase in foot traffic, monetary transactions and returns, there’s also the potential for an increase in theft.

There are many steps you can take to increase the security in your store during the holidays, including:

  • Installing Surveillance Cameras
  • Utilizing Video Monitoring
  • Restricting Product Access
  • Scheduling More Employees
  • Reorganizing the Store’s Layout

In addition to these security improvements, the most helpful of them all is utilizing the Armed Guard services from Sentinel Security. Whether out of sight, or watching all entrances and exits, our professionally trained armed guards will keep your store and your customers safe from any potential threat. Start preparing your store for the holiday season. Call Sentinel Security today, or contact us online to learn more.