Armed Security at Your Next Catering Hall Event

If you’re thinking of booking a catering hall for your next big event, don’t forget about security! It’s especially important in these situations to have Sentinel’s highly trained armed security guards on hand to help your event run smoothly. Here are a few reasons to consider security at your catering hall event:

Multiple Entrances

Unguarded entrances can allow uninvited guests to sneak themselves inside. Hiring security to cover extra doors ensure that all points of entry are monitored throughout the duration of the event.

The Guest List

Investing in hosting an event can be costly, the last thing you want is for people who aren’t on your guest list coming in and eating the food. Hiring security is one way to ensure that your event is free of any party crashers.

You Guests’ Finest

Big events often prompt attendees to wear their finest clothing and jewelry. This can open them up to potential theft throughout the catering hall. With a diligent team of armed security guards, would-be thieves are deterred from making any attempts to lift someone’s valuables.

Alcohol Induced Behavior

When guests have been drinking, they’re more likely to damage property or get into altercations with one another. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have armed security on hand if your event involves alcohol – even if the catering hall doesn’t require it.

Call Sentinel Security!

You don’t have to look any further than Sentinel Security for your armed security needs. Whether you’re looking to keep a wedding reception, awards banquet or any other big party safe from theft or threats of violence, our highly skilled armed security guards can ensure a flawless event. Contact us today to learn more.