Fight Aggression With Sentinel Security

Interacting with customers on a daily basis will teach anyone that people can be aggressive. This is especially true when they believe they have been wronged in some way, and can often lead to damage to your property or injury to your employees or customers if you or a manager doesn’t know how to defuse the situation quickly. That’s why so many businesses and retailers rely on Sentinel Security to handle any issues that arise on their properties. If you don’t have our security guards on site yet, there are both verbal and non-verbal strategies that can help with managing an aggressive customer:


  • Be aware of the body language you are using, presenting a non-threatening, open stance.
  • Keep good eye contact without allowing it to come off as confrontational.
  • Keep physical movements calm, moving slowly and steadily.
  • Give the aggressor their personal space. 


  • Listen to what they’re saying and accept, recognize and emphasize any positive aspects of what is being said.
  • Be respectful by using formalities, while working toward familiarity.
  • Reflect, clarify and summarize the aggressor’s thoughts and feelings to demonstrate understanding.
  • Avoid expression of power on your part – don’t make demands.

Using these tactics when dealing with an aggressive customer can save both parties a lot of trouble. Always contact the authorities and never try to physically detain someone unless it’s completely necessary, and always bring back up! Sentinel Security is your best bet when it comes to dealing with aggressive behavior at your workspace. Our agents can take control of any situation and provide the protection and security you need. Contact us today to learn more.