The Keys to a Safe Stay

If you’re responsible for a hotel, your primary concern is that your guests enjoy a comfortable and safe stay. That’s not just about providing excellent service, it also means ensuring that the building incorporates the latest safety features. Failure to do so not only puts your establishment’s good reputation on the line, it could very well put the lives of your employees and guests at risk.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in an average year, one of every 12 hotels/motels reports a structure fire. It’s time to swing those odds in your favor with an expert fire watch and emergency action plan.

Fire safety in hotels requires a practical approach. Different areas require different forms of protection, and this protection must be delivered in a seamless, unobtrusive manner. Sentinel Security can protect your hotel, guests and employees with a flexible safety plan designed specifically for your building.

Our Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards are experienced, highly trained professionals and are the perfect choice for hotel security and fire safety. All of our officers are certified and licensed security officers. We understand the importance of fire safety and security and strive to make your building safe and secure from all possible threats. Our comprehensive protection services include:

  • Fire Safety Plan Design
  • Emergency Action Plan Design
  • Fire Drills
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Fire Safety Seminars
  • Fire Code Compliance
  • Violation Correction
  • Building Inspection

Our fire safety experts are chosen exclusively from the executive leadership of the highly regarded New York City Fire Department. And fire safety is not just a “job,” it’s our passion. Our training seminars and fire safety drills incorporate best practices gleaned from years of experience. The result is in-depth information, training and analysis you won’t find anywhere else. While the scope of our training is comprehensive, it’s not designed simply to disseminate information: its goal is to help save lives. We are expert motivational trainers and we deliver our valuable information in a way you’re sure to remember.

If we know that our clients are better prepared for their emergency action plan, then we know that we have done our job. Contact us today and enjoy the safety of an expert emergency action plan.