Private Party Protection

The term “Special Event” can cover anything from the largest arena concert to an intimate private gathering. But no matter what size your event is, the security goal is the same: you want it to run safely, smoothly and without interruption. Sentinel’s specially trained Armed Guards bring unmatched professionalism and precision to private parties, corporate functions, celebrity fundraisers and more.

Private parties, smaller venues and upscale locales require special skill sets, and closer, sustained contact with your guests. Being adaptable and inconspicuous is of the essence. From their physical appearance to their personal interaction, Sentinel’s Armed Guards know how to tend to your guests.

Our experienced staff is committed to making your event run safely and without interruption or delay. We use the finest officers available and take great pride in our Special Events Security team. Sentinel Armed Guards represent the private security sector’s most experienced tacticians, including many current and former NY law enforcement professionals. With decades of real-world security experience behind every assignment, our Armed Guards are well-trained and equipped to detect, respond to, and neutralize virtually any threat.

Scanning a crowd, spotting suspicious packages or people, and quickly identifying specific or general threats are all second nature to our team. We have provided Armed Guard services to some of the New York area’s most prestigious and prominent industry leaders, corporate executives, celebrities and politicians.

If your intimate event requires armed guards, Sentinel can develop a customized security and safety plan to mitigate threats such as harassment, intimidation, stalking, assault, kidnapping, and child abduction. Upon assignment, we conduct a thorough survey of the area, organization or individual our Armed Guards will be protecting. Our guards then receive a detailed security briefing, which identifies any potential threats and ensures a quick, tactical response is ready when needed.

At Sentinel, we realize the importance of reliable security; when lives are on the line, there’s no room for error. Leave nothing to chance. Contact us to protect your event with Sentinel Armed Guards.