Fire Safety: An Essential Part of Any Job Site

As a contractor or project manager, your objective is not just to get the job done quickly, but to get it done safely as well. When securing an area, it is important to take more than just outside threats into account. Without proper fire security and emergency action planning, you can be at risk of serious danger. This is especially true at construction sites. If you are a contractor or a subcontractor working on a job site, you need to make sure that your employees, associates, and bystanders are protected from potential fire hazards and other related emergencies. Should anything dangerous occur under your watch, you’ll be held accountable. This could spell dire consequences, such as massive financial losses and even jail time. Trust Sentinel Management Group to ensure this never happens to you.

Designated fire watch personnel are required by law to be present on a job site that contains flammable materials, or requires the use of open flames, welders, propane torches, powered saws, and other spark-emitting pieces of equipment. Don’t dilute your workforce by designating one of your crew as fire watch. Protect your site with a trained, professional fireguard.

Sentinel helps you safeguard your job site from fire hazards and emergencies. Our fire safety directors and fire guards are experienced, highly trained professionals, and all are licensed security officers as well. We understand the importance of fire safety and security and use our expertise to make our clients’ job sites safe and secure from all possible threats. Our guards can also assist you with your emergency action plan.

Our fire safety directors and fire guards can help you with fire, disaster, crisis, and emergency response for:

  • Security & fire safety for hotels, hi-rise buildings, and office buildings.
  • Special events
  • Cargo security and warehouses
  • Sporting events

Don’t leave a fire hazard to chance. Protect your employees and your investments by preparing accordingly for any potential danger. Contact Sentinel today, so you can complete your next construction project with our fire security experts. Choose safety. Choose Sentinel.