Keep Your Special Outdoor Summer Events Safe With Sentinel

Now that summer is here, many event planners choose to hold their special events in outdoor venues. While this is a great way to liven up the party, it also poses numerous safety and security risks.

If you are hosting a special event, safety is always a top priority. You want to keep your special event enjoyable, and above all, safe for all who attend. Outdoor events are different from indoor events because there isn’t a closed structure to keep out potential trespassers, kidnappers, or thieves. Many organizations host outdoor events such as trade shows, dinners, and fundraisers, filled with items of high value, which can become targets for theft or terrorism. Event planners also host outdoor sporting events, festivals, and fairs. These events are meant to attract families, but parents will be less likely to bring children to a venue if they think it is unsafe. Outdoor events typically allow for a higher volume of attendees. With a higher volume of guests, it becomes difficult to keep track of who belongs, and who doesn’t. Event planners need watchful eyes to survey such high-volume atmospheres.

With Sentinel’s New York State-certified armed security professionals, you’ll know your guests are in good hands. Sentinel uses some of the most highly-qualified and expertly trained armed guards in the business. Our professionals know how to contain a situation and eliminate any risk of escalation. Armed guards are a great deterrent against violent crime, as they are equipped with the skills and training necessary to put a stop to a dangerous situation before it begins.

Sentinel provides full security services for the following events and venues:

  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Dinner Events
  • Celebrity Fundraisers
  • Jewelry Shows
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Movie & Production Sets
  • World Premieres
  • Sporting Events
  • Sports Team Private Events
  • Private Parties and Functions
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Holiday Parties
  • Fashion Shows
  • Art Galleries
  • PR Events
  • Concerts
  • VIP Celebrity Private Bodyguard (Close Protection Security)

Don’t leave your outdoor special event vulnerable or unsafe. Contact Sentinel for the protection and reassurance you need to make your event a success.