Could You Handle the Training for Armed Security Guards?

Thanks to an executive order, security guard training schools were deemed to be an essential business during the pandemic. Standard disinfection and social distancing protocols are still in place, however, and are strictly enforced. But the toughest part of training isn’t going to be remembering your hand sanitizer.

The police can’t be everywhere, which is why many businesses and private citizens choose to hire armed security. They expect well-trained, disciplined guards that put the client and their assets first, keeping order in accordance with the proper protocols.

Duties of an Armed Security Guard

When you put on a uniform and/or a sidearm, you need to be prepared for the full scope of responses that a situation might call for.

One part of your duties for a client might be patrolling specific areas. The presence of an armed security guard can act as a deterrent to thieves and vandals. After all, guards only exist when there’s something precious to guard.

This means that armed security guards have to be on alert and remain observant at all times. They need to assess possible threats before they become actual threats.

As an armed security guard, you may not always be near the assets you’re hired to protect. Alarms and crises can happen at a distance, which means that security teams have to be prepared for rapid response.

Know the area you defend, whether it’s a home, business, campus, or even an entire neighborhood. If you’ve been hired as an armed guard, there’s a reason. Your response time is vital to the safety of everyone involved.