New York City Security Services

Do you want to work in security service agent? If you’re in New York City and willing to get a job as a security officer or a New York City Security Services agent, first of all, you must go for security guard training followed by a criminal record background check. Fingerprint check is also required. You must be in good physical shape and should also have decent references to get hired for any type of security service. A convincing character referral would always help you to get a job as a security officer or a VIP Protection New York in a good establishment. Once you are inducted in a job, usually, it is your company that provides you the necessary training. This professional training requires you to learn crisis management, prevention, first aid, handle communications and maintaining records in the logbook.

As a security guard or security service, you are expected to work at least 4 to 5 days a week in the shifts, which may extend up to 13 hours. The toughest part of this job is that most of this time, you have to be on your feet watching and monitoring the area. Though, in normal conditions, you have to do the routine job, but you have to be vigilant and ready to handle a crisis situation and face a real threat. Most of the security guards work from their monitoring rooms or cabins and central locations, where they have access to closed-circuit TV cameras, enabling them watch video footage of people entering the premises of the building.

This helps them examine the identity of the incoming people and keep a close eye on the activities of people in that area. Suspicious activities might easily be traced through these central locations. However, a slight lapse on the part of the security guard can result into a security mishap. That is the reason they are supposed to be vigilant throughout their duty hours.

New York Security Services

The world is a dangerous place. Sometimes the only way to respond is by being more dangerous. Sentinel MGI offers threat response and deterrent with our highly trained and equipped personnel. If it’s worth guarding in New York, it’s worth hiring Sentinel MGI.

Security Guards

Sometimes, all you need to be safe is to show would-be attackers or thieves that professional security guards are ready to respond to a threat. Having guards is not just a solid deterrent, but they can analyze and investigate situations before they have a chance to unfold. Other times, security guards or bodyguards provide much-needed muscle to fend off attackers.

Either way, our guards and other New York security services personnel are ready.

Armed Security Guards

If you require your New York security guards to carry weapons, we can provide them. At high-level events or in VIP protection situations that may be potential targets for terrorism, abduction, theft, or other threats, having an armed response can diffuse the situation quickly.

Unarmed Security Guards

We offer top-notch New York security services, and they don’t have to be armed. Having armed guards isn’t necessary for many situations, such as low-value items that need protection or where being armed would frighten people or disrupt an otherwise peaceful situation. The cost and insurance are less than it would be for having armed guards as well. But make no mistake, our unarmed security guards are every bit as capable.

Retail Security

Retail theft costs businesses not millions but billions of dollars per year. Having security services that can ward off shoplifters, pickpockets, and other thieves can save your business money and legal headaches.

Whether you need New York unarmed guards or armed guards depends on how valuable your goods are and how at risk they may be. Depending on how large your operation is will determine how many guards you need.

Fire protection services

Hotels and motels require FDNY certified New York armed guards to be on the premises, and high-rise buildings require such personnel whenever there are more than 500 occupants, 100 people in sub-grade levels, or anyone is above the first floor. It’s also necessary if there are no sprinkler systems installed or fire protection systems either haven’t been installed or are under construction. Most construction sites will also require FDNY certified fire guards.

Fire Watch

Our staff is composed of FDNY certified professionals who are intimately familiar with fire safety. Our monitoring services can keep a fire from spreading or even starting in the first place.

Fire Guard

New York security guards are responsible for the safety of those around them, and a fire guard is no different. If you have recently fired employees who might be a security risk, or if you fear vandals in the area, fire guards can add much-needed peace of mind.

Fire guards know the proper response to arson and fire-related threats and can aid in evacuation and response.

Background Screening

Before you hire someone, you want to know if they pose a security risk. We perform five-pronged “Pentagon Checks” to give our clients the best view of a candidate’s background. This includes:

  • SSN Trace and Address Locator
  • National Criminal Records Indicator
  • Statewide and County Criminal Record Searches
  • Federal Criminal Record Searches
  • Driving Record Search

With this information, you get a complete overview of the most important information regarding your candidate and the safety risk they may or may not pose.

Bodyguard services

Having unarmed guards or armed guards for protecting locations is excellent, but you might need something a little more personal. Our New York armed guards services can protect you while you’re on the move, too.

Whether for a corporate client, a celebrity, royal family, or some other client, you can expect the bodyguards who work our New York security services to be discreet, professional, and effective. We work with local, state, and federal law enforcement to keep you safe.

Security Services for the Greater NYC Area

Sentinel New York armed guards and unarmed guards have protected New York since 2003 when we were founded by former NYPD Captain and FBI National Law Enforcement Academy graduate Robert J. Buser. Sentinel MGI has over 270 registered New York State security officers who provide full-service security and investigation. Whatever you need to protect, we can protect it.

New York City

There are roughly 8.8 million people in New York City. The more people, the more likely crime is. Sentinel MGI lives and breathes New York. We know the city and how to defend those who live and visit this great place. We serve many clients in New York, such as Hampshire Hotels and Resorts, Porsche Design Store New York, and even the New York Yankees.


Manhattan island is what many people think of when they picture New York. It’s home to Times Square, the Whitney Museum, Central Park, the Apollo Theater, and some of the most expensive homes in the world. If your home or business needs the highest level of security, we’re ready.


Nassau County is home to many historic sites and parks. It’s home to many events and event spaces as well, thanks to its beauty and accessibility. When you’ve booked an event, planned a trip, or are lucky enough to live in this gorgeous area and want to rest easy knowing you’ve provided ample protection, Sentinel MGI is here for you.

Sentinel MGI: Service at the Highest Level

From New York unarmed guards to armed bodyguards and fire guards to VIP protection, expect Sentinel MGI’s highly trained and experienced personnel to provide the utmost service. Peace of mind is the best product we can deliver, and it keeps our clients coming back to us time and time again.

If you need to protect someone or something, whether long-term or only for a few days, contact Sentinel MGI right away.

We’ll meet with you and assess your needs to determine the best protection level for you. If it’s worth protecting in New York, it’s worth hiring the best.