Security Guards Manhattan

Though most of the job responsibilities of security guards are common for Manhattan areas, they can vary with the location and the size of the organization they are working for. The need for security guards is increasing rapidly, as even the shopping malls are recruiting them to monitor the parking lots in order to provide protection to their customers from theft. There are also employed in departmental stores, where they monitor shoplifting activities. Apart from apprehending shoplifters, the security guards in a departmental store also protect the cash register deposit.

Where else are they employed?
Security guards are also deployed to protect the property. They usually monitor closed-circuit cameras to keep an eye on infiltrators, suspicious people and trespassers. They also stroll in the neighborhood during the nighttime. These are the people, who are supposed to know the frequent visitors to the area and also to stop, frisk and detain the people violating the rules and illegal trespassers, especially the people who do not belong to the area.
Security guards are deployed in courtrooms and medical centers to prevent illegal entrants, criminals and unwanted people. They are also supposed to frisk the incoming people. These guards are equipped with sophisticated devices, metal detectors and arms. In important public and private properties, these guards are supposed to stop the people bringing in guns or explosives. Because, these things need expertise and teamwork and no individual can or should try to handle it alone. Medical emergencies are quite critical and security guard on shift calls his team members to arrive at the site to take necessary measures. Security guards, also keep logbooks in which they record the incidents occurring on each shift.