Manhattan Security Guards

The decision to add Armed Security to your business can be unsettling, especially in high-crime areas.
Rest assured, the top-ranking officers of our Team of specially trained Armed Officers come from the most reliable, professional backgrounds including:
• Law enforcement
• Military
• Specialized security officers
In addition, all our armed Manhattan Security Guards are licensed and received specialized in-state training in high-risk industries including banking and jewelry. Consistent with our guarantee, our Armed Security includes 24/7 access to our live dispatch team.
• Nationwide coverage with a single point of contact for all scheduling, operations and accounting
• Trained, licensed and insured professional security personnel
• One phone number for 24/7 access to our live dispatchers
If you feel your company is in need of Armed Security personnel, then us today. We’ll make the process of adding Armed Manhattan Security Guards is a seamless operation that not only provides quality coverage but also peace of mind for your growing business.
You can learn more about Manhattan Security Guards vs Unarmed Security Guards.

When your business is experiencing increased criminal activity during certain events or times, we can provide temporary security when you need it most.
• Protection of your company’s assets, facilities and employees
• Trained, licensed and insured professional security personnel
• All guard staff provided with extensive proprietary training and background checks
Our commitment to on-going training of all our security personnel allows us to continually improve the services we deliver to our customers.