Event Security Manhattan

The role of security guards is very important to ensure the safety of your Manhattan business establishments. They serve people and sometimes become the direct target while preventing theft or other crimes. The job responsibilities of guards for event security include a number of assignments and the most prominent among these are patrolling properties, inspecting, preventing and containing fire, and monitoring other criminal activities such as break-ins, terrorism and other petty crimes.

They are the first people to defend your property or residence and to face deadly criminals. New York Security Guards are also the front-line people acting in coordination with law enforcement officers, as far as safety of your home and property is concerned. To undertake these tasks, they get professional security training.

Equipment They Use

The event security guards are generally armed and equipped with radio and telephone communications. Security guards, work in coordination with their teams. When they need assistance in case of a fire breakout or an emergency situation, they contact their teammates first. Because, these things need expertise and teamwork and no individual can or should try to handle it alone. Medical emergencies are quite critical and security guard on shift calls his team members to arrive at the site to take necessary measures. Event security guards, also keep logbooks in which they record the incidents occurring on each shift.

These log books are very important to monitor and record the incidents. They are also utilized, during investigation by the law enforcement agencies. It is important for the security guards to document and record the highlights of their observations and other incidents that take place in his shift. Sometimes, security guards are also summoned by the courts, to testify or to depose. They are also supposed to interview witnesses in certain instances.