Armed Guards Manhattan

It is a must for every armed guard to undergo a definite period of Manhattan training before deciding to serve as a security officer on duty. In the United States, there are many states, which make it mandatory for the security guards to get a license before they join their duties. Usually a license is provided after a criminal background check, completion of professional training, health checkup and a drug test. The minimum age required to become a security guard is 18.
The classroom training basically includes the preparation to handle crisis, knowledge about property rights and how to maintain custody of a suspect. Some of these states do not require such extensive training; however, security agencies make sure that the armed guards provided by them to the business employers, know the basics of their job and how to use the needed equipment.

Sometimes, business employers provide Security Guards Manhattan the necessary training. However, unarmed guards don’t require such extensive training. All they need is a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification. Though, in case of armed guards, driver’s license is also required. Besides that, Security Guards in Manhattan are also supposed to have a great work background. The armed guards should also have a license to use the arms along with a special certification, as Security Guards Manhattan are supposed to possess a gun during their work shift. Armed guards in Manhattan usually get a higher salary than the unarmed guards, as the responsibility in case of the former is higher than that of the latter.