Shoplifting Prevention with Sentinel’s Armed Guards

Running a business takes a lot of awareness – but you can’t be everywhere at once, and that’s when shoplifters strike. Take security into your own hands and protect your profits and reputation by calling on Sentinel’s armed guards to do what they do best!

  • Watch the sales floor: With armed guards on the sales floor, shoplifters won’t feel comfortable enough to strike.
  • Watch your staff: It’s an unfortunate truth, but internal theft is just as likely to happen as shoplifting. Hopefully you’re hiring employees you can trust, but armed guards can help you decrease the chances of internal theft.
  • Watch your doors: Entrances and exits are typically the focus of would-be thieves – because that’s their way out. With an armed guard stationed at every door, shoplifters will think twice.
  • Watch everything!: Our armed guards are trained to notice things that typical employees won’t. With guards patrolling, stationed in highly visible (and not-as-visible) locations, and at a central security post with cameras, you’ll have well-trained eyes working for you.

As an experienced security firm, we offer our clients top-notch guards and other personnel to help protect their business and their profits. Contact Sentinel today to learn more about our many services.