Keeping Your Data Confidential

These days, everything is connected and that means your data is susceptible to being intercepted. Keeping things like client lists, financial reports and other personal information out of the wrong hands should always be a priority, but even more so today when we share everything with everyone. Here are some tips for protecting your sensitive data:

  • Volume of data: reducing the information collected and retained so you’re keeping only what is necessary.
  • Disposal of data: Properly shred or destroy physical copies of your personal data. This includes CDs, DVDs, hard drives and other portable media devices.
  • Securing of data: Keep computers password protected and restrict employee use to specific personnel.
  • Handling of data: Have employees trained on policies and procedures to avoid mishandling of confidential information. Ensure they encrypt all data transmissions and restrict use of flash drives, DVDs and CDs.

If you need the help of a professional security company to better protect your physical or digital files, we are always up for the challenge. Not only do we excel in event and VIP protection, but your business’ information will also be kept safe and secure. Contact us today and protect your confidential information with Sentinel.