Suspicious Packages Assessed By Sentinel

Sentinel’s security guards are trained to spot and handle suspicious packages. Whether they’re sent to your home or office, or as a letter or parcel, there are ways to assess potential danger. If gone unnoticed, these suspicious packages and letters could lead to a dangerous, if not deadly, situation. Know what to look for, and always be on guard.

  • Restricted endorsements like “confidential” and “private”, if unusual for the addressee to receive items like this, could be a hint that something’s not right.
  • Incorrect titles or names can indicate a problem, especially if misspelled.
  • Excessive postage suggests it came from a foreign country, which, if it isn’t an expected piece of mail, can raise suspicion.
  • Odors, stains and excessive tape, or other signs of unprofessional packaging.
  • If you notice any pressure or resistance when removing contents from an envelope or parcel, stop handling the package immediately.

Our guards will be on the lookout for these and many other signs that a package or letter could be a threat. If you come across a suspicious package, make sure to follow the suggested course of action!

  • Contact your local police department, or call 9-1-1
  • DO NOT move, alter, open, examine or disturb the package
  • Open windows in the immediate area to vacate any potentially explosive gases
  • Clear the immediate area and isolate the package as much as possible

Responding under pressure is a skill that is learned by Sentinel’s guards, are trained to act in extreme situations and protect all of your assets. Contact us today to learn more about what services we offer.