Cover the Bases with a Background Check

Baseball fans are likely familiar with the term “five tool player.” For those unfamiliar, it is used to describe a rare breed of player who excels in five categories: hitting for power, hitting for average, fielding ability, throwing ability and speed. As in baseball, there aren’t many five tool players in the world of background checks, but Sentinel Security is one of them. We cover all five categories critical in assessing the viability of prospective employees through our “Pentagon Check.” They are:

  1. SSN Trace & Address Locator – We go way beyond the basics and pin down all of the candidate’s current and former addresses using their SSN. This mitigates the risk of potentially hiring a candidate who omitted a residence linked to a criminal record, pending charge or arrest warrant.
  2. National Criminal Records Indicator – Our National Criminal Records Indicator searches FBI’s Most Wanted, state sex offender registries, online county records and other databases to uncover hidden offenses that may have taken place outside of the jurisdiction in which the candidate resides.
  3. Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches – If the information gathered in a SSN Trace & Address Locator and National Criminal Records Indicator warrants doing so, we order appropriate county and statewide criminal record searches going back at least seven years.
  4. Federal Criminal Record Searches – Bank robbery, child pornography, drug trafficking and other serious offenses may be reported solely in federal district courts and thus may not be found in standard statewide or county searches. We use a candidate’s address history to determine the parameters of our search.
  5. Driving Record Searches – As an employer, what you’re really aiming to do is find out about the candidate’s character. You can learn a lot about a candidate who has received a DUI, driven with a suspended license or failed to appear in court.

Like a five tool player, Sentinel Security covers all the bases. Don’t hire a candidate without putting them through our “Pentagon Check.” To learn more, visit our employment background screening page or call us at 877-365-SECURE to arrange a consultation.