Get Proper Security Assessment With Sentinel

Sentinel knows that assessing a potential threat quickly and resolving it immediately could be the difference between a job well done and a loss of our client’s assets and trust. It’s for that reason we train our security personnel for the highest level of awareness at all times. Our security assessment protocols follow very specific steps: 

  1. Identify threat: Our personnel’s ability to spot a threat comes from training and years of experience. 
  1. Evaluate seriousness: Determining how serious the threat is directs our next actions. Using the right amount of force could keep a situation from escalating; too much could cause further problems.
  1. Intervene: If a situation doesn’t settle on its own, or begins to escalate, our agents know when to move from observing to taking action. 
  1. Monitor safety plan: When the dust settles, we’ll go over how the situation was handled, and how to best prevent it in the future.

Risk is always a factor when your company deals with the public or large numbers of employees. Sentinel is the right choice for threat assessment and other security needs. Don’t let bad situations get worse, contact us today and let us keep an eye on your assets for you.