Security Assessment, Threat Prevention

Threat assessment is an invaluable component of evaluating Corporate Security. Simply, this is an all-inclusive review and analysis of your organization’s safety and security functions. Sentinel’s in-depth analysis helps provide a point of reference for today, and a security plan for tomorrow. We incorporate a variety of techniques into our assessment to provide clients with a realistic, practical plan to secure their organizations. Some of the factors that we consider are:

Facility Characterization
The first thing we do to create a specialized security plan is to characterize the facility, including all states of operation and all conditions. To do this we develop a thorough facility description, including all site boundaries, building locations, floor plans and access points. A complete understanding of the facility’s operating processes is also required, as well as identifying any existing protection features. Our professionals pore through blueprints, corporate process descriptions, safety analysis reports, environmental impact statements and site surveys to create a comprehensive characterization.

Threat Identification
Before a vulnerability analysis can be completed, a description of all potential threats is required. We work with you to determine the threats and adversaries that could be problematic to your specific business, and evaluate their capabilities and potential tactics.

Because human behavior is difficult to forecast, estimating the probability that an adversary group will attack a specific asset presents a challenge. Many critical mathematical assumptions cannot be applied in these cases. We analyze the existing threat spectrum and process the information with historical statistical data to categorize these threats in terms of possibility and predict the likelihood of an abnormal event.

How secure is your company? Sentinel offers a full range of resources designed to secure your assets and investments. Our proven solutions can save you from significant losses, or worse, business failure due to internal and external criminal activity, workplace violence and other threats. We’re always available to discuss security needs for your important event. Contact a Sentinel Specialist at 718-740-3600 today and protect your assets