How to Heighten Security Effectively

As the Times Square Ball dropped, counting down the seconds to 2017, the City that Never Sleeps was awake to a new reality: heightened security is now the norm for any major event, especially one taking place in a major city, where large crowds assemble.

All it took was one look down the street to see the 20-ton dump trucks, each filled with 15 tons of sand and parked at an intersection to provide a protective barrier in the event of a terrorist attack like those seen in Berlin in December and in Nice, France last July. Such barricades have also been placed along Fifth Avenue over the past few months, as the presence of President-elect Donald Trump called for heightened security.

This strategy has so far proven effective for the City, but at what cost? For most corporations and high-profile individuals in NYC, sand-filled dump trucks are not a viable or economically feasible option. However, there are other ways to effectively heighten your security.

Corporate Security Assessment: Facility characterization and threat analysis set the stage for establishing a workable security plan.

Executive & VIP Protection: Up-close personal protection for at-risk individuals and their families is key to your company’s safety and reputation.

Special Events Security: From private bodyguards to crowd control specialists, the security needs of NYC’s special events are innumerable. Be prepared for any scenario!

Founded by a former NYPD Captain and graduate of the FBI National Law Enforcement Academy in Quantico, Sentinel Management Group, Inc. has provided licensed security services for some of the most targeted locations and events in New York City, including Times Square developments and 9/11 Commemoration Ceremonies. We know NYC.

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