It’s Not a Success Unless It’s Safe: Special Event Security

Safety is always the number one priority when hosting or administrating a public or high-volume special event. Even with the best-laid plans, your special event can’t be a triumphant success unless it’s 100% safe for your esteemed guests and attendees. With Sentinel’s New York State-certified event security professionals, you’ll know your special event guests are in good hands.

Many event planners choose to hold their special events in open-air venues or, especially during colder months, large auditoriums, halls and arenas. While this is a great way to create an impressive atmosphere, it also poses numerous safety and security risks. Trade shows, dinners, and fundraisers filled with items of high value can become targets for theft or even terrorism. Improperly guarded outdoor events can be accessed by potential trespassers, kidnappers, thieves, and other wrongdoers. That’s where Sentinel comes in.

Sentinel provides full security services for the following events and venues:

  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Dinner Events
  • Celebrity Fundraisers
  • Jewelry Shows
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Movie & Production Sets
  • World Premieres
  • Sporting Events
  • Sports Team Private Events
  • Private Parties and Functions
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Holiday Parties
  • Fashion Shows
  • Art Galleries
  • PR Events
  • Concerts

Our security team is picked from among the most highly-qualified and expertly trained armed guards in the business. Our armed guards are an effective deterrent against violent crime, as they are equipped with the skills and training necessary to put a stop to a dangerous situation before it even begins. We even offer VIP close protection security for individual safety.

Reach your New York metro area special event security specialists at 718-740-3600, or contact Sentinel Management Group online to set up a consultation.