Executive VIP Protection from the Security Experts

With the threat of domestic and foreign terrorism always present, strategic and organized VIP protection is an absolute necessity in a densely populated region like the New York Metropolitan area. Sentinel Management Group can provide customized security strategies to protect political figures, industry leaders, corporate executives, and entertainment celebrities from threat of assault, kidnapping, intimidation, stalking and public harassment.

Our agents are highly trained specialists, who are qualified to work with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to ensure that every aspect of a client’s security is locked down and under control. This includes secure air and ground transportation, on-hand medical assistance, and advanced security measures like countersurveillance and antiterrorism.

In addition to ensuring our clients’ safety and security, we pride ourselves on the unobtrusiveness of our operations and discretion of our personnel. We want our clients to be able to carry on with their daily lives in a normal manner while still experiencing the peace of mind afforded by expert security service.

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