Protect Your Assets with Sentinel’s Security Assessment

When it comes to protecting your corporate assets in the New York Metro area, you need an air-tight plan of action for dealing with any possible threats. Our Security Assessment does just that by providing a comprehensive review and analysis of your organization’s safety and security function. This in-depth analysis uses a variety of techniques to provide you with a plan to secure your organization. Below are some of the factors we consider:

  • Facility characterization: We develop a thorough description of the facility itself, including the location of the site boundary, building locations, floor plans, and access points. This analysis also includes detailed outlines of the processes and activities there, and identifies any existing physical protection features, resulting in a virtual schematic of the facility’s structure and weak spots.
  • Threat: We then develop scenarios of individual design basis threats, including types of possible adversaries, concentrating on tactics and capabilities.
  • Likelihood: Finally, we utilize case studies and historical data to assess the likelihood of each threat and plan accordingly.

You need to make sure your assets (both your physical property and your data) are equipped with the very best security. Sentinel will give you the peace of mind of a securely-protected business. Contact Sentinel Management Group today to begin your Security Assessment.