Sentinel’s Pentagon Check: The Key To Effective Employment & Background Screening

An organization or business is only as strong as the people in it. You trust your employees with important responsibilities and valuable information, so it’s vital that you know whether or not a potential team member has a clean background. Unfortunately, many background checks on the market are little more than online searches that gloss over or ignore many crucial sources. Don’t make an employment decision with anything less than a thorough background check. Sentinel’s Pentagon Check provides a five-pronged approach to background screening, giving you the power to access complete and accurate information about all your candidates:

  • SSN Trace & Address Locator: provides complete identifying information (such as name, name variations, and date of birth), as well as resident history, by uncovering current and former addresses associated with a candidate’s Social Security number (SSN). This methodology restricts the candidate from omitting a place of residence where he or she may have a pending charge, arrest, or criminal record.
  • National Criminal Records Indicator: searches multi-jurisdictional criminal databases which may uncover offenses in areas out-of-state.
  • Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches: automatically orders the appropriate county and/or statewide criminal record searches for a minimum seven-year period. Our preference is to order a statewide search when available.
  • Federal Criminal Record Searches: searches for serious offenses that may only be reported in the federal district courts and therefore omitted from standard county or statewide criminal record searches. These may include child pornography offenses, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking, immigration law violations, and bank robbery.
  • Driving Record Search: obtains applicant’s driving records. This is especially important if an applicant will drive a company vehicle. Motor vehicle information can also shed light on character issues such as suspended licenses, failures to appear in court, arrest warrants, and drug- and alcohol-related driving offenses that can serve as a warning of potential substance abuse problems.

Make sure your candidates are the right people for the job, in terms of both competence and character. Contact us today for a thorough background screening you can trust with Sentinel’s Pentagon Check.