Case Study: Man (Employee) arrested for assaulting, exposing himself to hotel housekeeper.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.  A Jacksonville man is behind bars after allegedly grabbing a co-worker inappropriately and causing her to be fearful of her safety a couple of weeks ago. According to a police report, Jacksonville Police responded to a hotel Saturday afternoon in reference to an assault that had taken place on November 22, 2011.  The victim, a housekeeper at the hotel, told officers she had been cleaning a room when one of the maintenance workers (co-worker), a male, 45, entered the room to help her flip a mattress. At that time, the victim said the male walked up to her and began grabbing her breasts and touching her inappropriately.

She said she pushed the man off of her and told him to stop, and said they would both be fired if anyone saw his behavior. The victim also told police she told him not to touch her like that and told him to leave the room.  The police responded and arrested the mail without further incident.

While the location and dates are fictitious, this is a real life incident that happened, resulting in substantial liability and financial exposure for the Hotel.   A background check would have disclosed that the employee had a serious criminal conviction that would have precluded his employment.   The company did not conduct a check on the employee because he was not at management level.  While it is certainly an accepted practice to screen managers, the best practice is to screen all employees.