School Security

Friendly school security guard working on elementary school campus

Sadly, it seems that active shooter tragedies  are happening with greater frequency in our schools.  We at Sentinel understand the importance of security in our children’s classroom.  A measured and disciplined, on-site security presence, is a critical component to the safety of students and staff alike.  Our officers are hand-picked from within the New York security industry, many of which are former NYPD Law Enforcement Officers.  Training and experience are essential in the schools and we recommend law enforcement grade officers to all of our school clients.

Our law enforcement and security management experience make a difference.  We can assist your team to establish and implement security guidelines.  Here are some key areas to consider:

Awareness – identifies school violence as a problem. Defines and identifies the difference between conflict vs. violence, provides overview of conflict resolution and communication skills, identifies early indicators of violent behavior.

Prevention – discusses suggestions for the prevention of school violence. Provides calming and de-escalation techniques, discusses the identification of gangs and bullies, defines the difference between a prank and a crime, and provides suggestions for development of a student assistant program.

Effective Response – provides techniques in responding to specific incidents. Presents methods on how to respond to potentially violent situations, provides strategies for dealing with a disruptive person or hostage situation, and assists in developing post-incident response teams.

Incident Management – reviews guidelines for an incident management plan. Provides a guide to developing an incident management plan, supplies information on legal issues involving locker searches and school related crime, and assists in creating a list of resources and emergency support needed during all phases of an incident.

Sentinel understands that being a leader in the school security industry is all about, safety, service and exceeding expectations. There are no second chances.  We stand ready to  meet all of your school security needs including:

  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
  • Active  Shooter Seminars & Training
  • Access Control & Surveillance Cameras
  • Security Assessment
  • Fostering a positive, helpful environment for students and faculty
  • Observing and reporting incidents on-site
  • Acting as a deterrent to poor behavior and unsafe actions of individuals
  • Police Liaison with local law enforcement