How to Keep Your Company Safe from Threats Within and Without: Step 2

To keep your company safe, you must know how to protect it from threats both within and without. While our last post focused on how corporate security assessments protect your company from outside forces, today’s post tackles threats that can be even more dangerous and hard to detect — those that come from within your company’s own ranks.

Step 2) Employment & Background Screening
Listen up loud and clear: when it comes to protecting businesses in densely populated areas like the five boroughs, you cannot afford to leave pre-employment screenings to a human resources agency or discount service offering “complete” background checks. Those screenings and checks are hardly ever thorough and virtually never complete!

This year’s news headlines have already shown how horribly things can go when an employee snaps or turns out not to be who everyone thought they were. There’s simply no good way to deal with such a situation ipso facto, so the only solution is to ensure your company is protected from it ever occurring in the first place.

To provide our corporate clients with an accurate and truly complete profile of their potential hires, Sentinel Management Group developed the Pentagon Check. This thorough and meticulous five-step process takes complete advantage of the following invaluable resources:

  1. SSN Trace & Address Locator – reveals a job candidate’s name variations and residence history;
  2. National Criminal Records Indicator – looks at state sex offender registries, FBI and Interpol Most Wanted Lists, federal terror watch lists, and much more;
  3. Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches – uses the residence history found in the SSN Trace and Address Locator, along with any info culled from the National Criminal Records Indicator, to show exactly what potential hires might be hiding about their activity over the past seven years;
  4. Federal Criminal Record Searches – pinpoints federal convictions that may not appear in county and state records, including mail and wire fraud, which is exactly the kind of criminal behavior you’re looking to avoid; and
  5. Driving Record Search – even with a clean criminal record, motor vehicle records might shed light on a shady past including arrest warrants or drug and alcohol problems.

So, is your company protected from threats within and without, or are there serious holes in your defense that could result in bad business, or worse, bad news headlines? Don’t leave it to chance. Contact Sentinel MGI today by completing the form on this page. We’ll guard your current assets and lay a strong foundation for a safer future.