How to Keep Your Company Safe from Threats Within and Without: Step 1

You work in New York City, the Big Apple, the place where the action is. You know some of the risks, but you live with them, because in the City that Never Sleeps, the reward is worth the risk. But how do you know your NYC-based business is really and truly safe?

To keep your company safe, you must know how to protect it from threats both within and without. You must be protected from outside forces that might threaten the physical security of your office or office building, as well as from employees who might have something to hide and whose past could catch up with them, catching you off guard in the process.

Sentinel Management Group can assess the security of your business on both fronts and put in place strategies to ensure your company is better protected moving forward. Here’s how:

Step 1) Corporate Security Assessments
To protect the physical well being of your staff, as well as your actual brick and mortar operation, Sentinel first performs a facility characterization that looks at building blueprints, safety reports, environmental impact statements, site surveys and other existing data to isolate the vulnerabilities of your workplace.

We then look at exactly which kinds of adversaries and tactics might exploit these vulnerabilities. These are called Design Basis Threats (DBTs), a phrase taken from military terminology. It could refer to anything from the kinds of weapons that could be snuck past your lobby security to the kinds of accidental explosions that might occur in and around your building.

Finally, we compile this information and use it to determine the likelihoods of different potential security scenarios unfolding. This gives you a better understanding of the physical security of your corporate assets and puts you in a better position to protect these assets in the future.

A Corporate Security Assessment by Sentinel MGI is one of the first and most crucial steps needed for ensuring the safety and security of your business and its personnel. Use the contact form on this page to get the process started, and check back next month as we discuss the ways Sentinel protects your business from threats that can be even harder to detect, those that come from within.