Get Proper Security Assessment With Sentinel

Sentinel knows that assessing a potential threat quickly and resolving it immediately could be the difference between a job well done and a loss of our client’s assets and trust. It’s for that reason we train our security personnel for the highest level of awareness at all times. Our security assessment protocols follow very specific steps: 

  1. Identify threat: Our personnel’s ability to spot a threat comes from training and years of experience. 
  1. Evaluate seriousness: Determining how serious the threat is directs our next actions. Using the right amount of force could keep a situation from escalating; too much could cause further problems.
  1. Intervene: If a situation doesn’t settle on its own, or begins to escalate, our agents know when to move from observing to taking action. 
  1. Monitor safety plan: When the dust settles, we’ll go over how the situation was handled, and how to best prevent it in the future.

Risk is always a factor when your company deals with the public or large numbers of employees. Sentinel is the right choice for threat assessment and other security needs. Don’t let bad situations get worse, contact us today and let us keep an eye on your assets for you.

The Keys to a Safe Stay

If you’re responsible for a hotel, your primary concern is that your guests enjoy a comfortable and safe stay. That’s not just about providing excellent service, it also means ensuring that the building incorporates the latest safety features. Failure to do so not only puts your establishment’s good reputation on the line, it could very well put the lives of your employees and guests at risk.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in an average year, one of every 12 hotels/motels reports a structure fire. It’s time to swing those odds in your favor with an expert fire watch and emergency action plan.

Fire safety in hotels requires a practical approach. Different areas require different forms of protection, and this protection must be delivered in a seamless, unobtrusive manner. Sentinel Security can protect your hotel, guests and employees with a flexible safety plan designed specifically for your building.

Our Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards are experienced, highly trained professionals and are the perfect choice for hotel security and fire safety. All of our officers are certified and licensed security officers. We understand the importance of fire safety and security and strive to make your building safe and secure from all possible threats. Our comprehensive protection services include:

  • Fire Safety Plan Design
  • Emergency Action Plan Design
  • Fire Drills
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Fire Safety Seminars
  • Fire Code Compliance
  • Violation Correction
  • Building Inspection

Our fire safety experts are chosen exclusively from the executive leadership of the highly regarded New York City Fire Department. And fire safety is not just a “job,” it’s our passion. Our training seminars and fire safety drills incorporate best practices gleaned from years of experience. The result is in-depth information, training and analysis you won’t find anywhere else. While the scope of our training is comprehensive, it’s not designed simply to disseminate information: its goal is to help save lives. We are expert motivational trainers and we deliver our valuable information in a way you’re sure to remember.

If we know that our clients are better prepared for their emergency action plan, then we know that we have done our job. Contact us today and enjoy the safety of an expert emergency action plan.

Private Party Protection

The term “Special Event” can cover anything from the largest arena concert to an intimate private gathering. But no matter what size your event is, the security goal is the same: you want it to run safely, smoothly and without interruption. Sentinel’s specially trained Armed Guards bring unmatched professionalism and precision to private parties, corporate functions, celebrity fundraisers and more.

Private parties, smaller venues and upscale locales require special skill sets, and closer, sustained contact with your guests. Being adaptable and inconspicuous is of the essence. From their physical appearance to their personal interaction, Sentinel’s Armed Guards know how to tend to your guests.

Our experienced staff is committed to making your event run safely and without interruption or delay. We use the finest officers available and take great pride in our Special Events Security team. Sentinel Armed Guards represent the private security sector’s most experienced tacticians, including many current and former NY law enforcement professionals. With decades of real-world security experience behind every assignment, our Armed Guards are well-trained and equipped to detect, respond to, and neutralize virtually any threat.

Scanning a crowd, spotting suspicious packages or people, and quickly identifying specific or general threats are all second nature to our team. We have provided Armed Guard services to some of the New York area’s most prestigious and prominent industry leaders, corporate executives, celebrities and politicians.

If your intimate event requires armed guards, Sentinel can develop a customized security and safety plan to mitigate threats such as harassment, intimidation, stalking, assault, kidnapping, and child abduction. Upon assignment, we conduct a thorough survey of the area, organization or individual our Armed Guards will be protecting. Our guards then receive a detailed security briefing, which identifies any potential threats and ensures a quick, tactical response is ready when needed.

At Sentinel, we realize the importance of reliable security; when lives are on the line, there’s no room for error. Leave nothing to chance. Contact us to protect your event with Sentinel Armed Guards.

Conduct Effective Background Screening with “Pentagon Check”

We’re frequently asked if there’s a “best practice” for employment screening and background checks. Unfortunately, there is no “across-the-board” answer; every screening depends on a variety of unique factors. Sentinel’s five-pronged Pentagon Check solution covers the screening canvas as completely as possible, providing clients with detailed and accurate background information on potential hires. Pentagon Check provides a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s background while avoiding the critical history gaps typical of the “$29.95” online background checks that are readily available. Pentagon Check’s five points of protection include:

  • SSN Trace & Address Locator

This service is the foundation of our background screening process. It not only reveals identifying information such as name, name variations, and date of birth, but also provides a resident history by uncovering current and former addresses associated with that Social Security number. We then cross-reference those addresses with the ones provided by the applicant. If necessary, additional criminal searches are recommended.

  • National Criminal Records Indicator

Since people can commit offenses in jurisdictions in which they visit or travel, Sentinel searches multi-jurisdictional criminal databases to uncover hidden records. Our National Criminal Records Indicator searches information from multiple trusted sources, including: state sex offender registries; statewide repositories of criminal information; multiple online county records; the Office of Foreign Assets and Control; the FBI’s Most Wanted List; Interpol Wanted List; and State Department Terrorist Exclusions.

  • Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches

Sentinel evaluates the information gleaned from the SSN Trace & Address Locator and National Criminal Records Indicator, and if warranted, orders the appropriate criminal record searches for a minimum seven-year period. We order statewide searches when available. If no statewide records are available, we order a county search.

  • Federal Criminal Record Searches

Many serious crimes are only reported in federal district courts and therefore may not be found during standard county or statewide criminal record searches. These crimes include child pornography offenses, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking, immigration law violations, bank robbery and others. We use address history and records to determine the scope of our federal searches.

  • Driving Record Search

Since motor vehicle information can offer valuable insight on an applicant’s character, we search motor vehicle records in their current state of residence. From this we can learn about suspended licenses, failures to appear in court, arrest warrants, and drug- and alcohol-related driving offenses that can serve as a warning of potential substance abuse problems. These searches are subject to state availability.

How secure is your newest potential employee? Let Sentinel eliminate the doubt. Contact Sentinel Management Group today for a background screening you can trust with Sentinel’s Pentagon Check.

Security Assessment, Threat Prevention

Threat assessment is an invaluable component of evaluating Corporate Security. Simply, this is an all-inclusive review and analysis of your organization’s safety and security functions. Sentinel’s in-depth analysis helps provide a point of reference for today, and a security plan for tomorrow. We incorporate a variety of techniques into our assessment to provide clients with a realistic, practical plan to secure their organizations. Some of the factors that we consider are:

Facility Characterization
The first thing we do to create a specialized security plan is to characterize the facility, including all states of operation and all conditions. To do this we develop a thorough facility description, including all site boundaries, building locations, floor plans and access points. A complete understanding of the facility’s operating processes is also required, as well as identifying any existing protection features. Our professionals pore through blueprints, corporate process descriptions, safety analysis reports, environmental impact statements and site surveys to create a comprehensive characterization.

Threat Identification
Before a vulnerability analysis can be completed, a description of all potential threats is required. We work with you to determine the threats and adversaries that could be problematic to your specific business, and evaluate their capabilities and potential tactics.

Because human behavior is difficult to forecast, estimating the probability that an adversary group will attack a specific asset presents a challenge. Many critical mathematical assumptions cannot be applied in these cases. We analyze the existing threat spectrum and process the information with historical statistical data to categorize these threats in terms of possibility and predict the likelihood of an abnormal event.

How secure is your company? Sentinel offers a full range of resources designed to secure your assets and investments. Our proven solutions can save you from significant losses, or worse, business failure due to internal and external criminal activity, workplace violence and other threats. We’re always available to discuss security needs for your important event. Contact a Sentinel Specialist at 718-740-3600 today and protect your assets


How to Heighten Security Effectively

As the Times Square Ball dropped, counting down the seconds to 2017, the City that Never Sleeps was awake to a new reality: heightened security is now the norm for any major event, especially one taking place in a major city, where large crowds assemble.

All it took was one look down the street to see the 20-ton dump trucks, each filled with 15 tons of sand and parked at an intersection to provide a protective barrier in the event of a terrorist attack like those seen in Berlin in December and in Nice, France last July. Such barricades have also been placed along Fifth Avenue over the past few months, as the presence of President-elect Donald Trump called for heightened security.

This strategy has so far proven effective for the City, but at what cost? For most corporations and high-profile individuals in NYC, sand-filled dump trucks are not a viable or economically feasible option. However, there are other ways to effectively heighten your security.

Corporate Security Assessment: Facility characterization and threat analysis set the stage for establishing a workable security plan.

Executive & VIP Protection: Up-close personal protection for at-risk individuals and their families is key to your company’s safety and reputation.

Special Events Security: From private bodyguards to crowd control specialists, the security needs of NYC’s special events are innumerable. Be prepared for any scenario!

Founded by a former NYPD Captain and graduate of the FBI National Law Enforcement Academy in Quantico, Sentinel Management Group, Inc. has provided licensed security services for some of the most targeted locations and events in New York City, including Times Square developments and 9/11 Commemoration Ceremonies. We know NYC.

To secure your most critical assets, contact our team today.

The Final Detail for Your Product Launch

After years of development, research and planning, your company is ready to launch its newest product – or the latest iteration of a respected and well-known item. When planning the launch event, do not forget to call for Sentinel to field a trained security team to product your product, your proprietary information, and your guests.

Sentinel provides expert safety and security officers, to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Our officers will be dressed appropriately for your event, and present a professional appearance at all times. “Undercover” agents can be included to mingle with guests unobtrusively in addition to the posted security detail.

Rely on Sentinel to handle the security, while you make the big reveal. Sentinel provides event services for:

  • Corporate Events and Dinners
  • Celebrity Fundraisers
  • Jewelry Shows
  • Expos and Trade Shows
  • Product Launches
  • PR Events
  • Sporting Events
  • And many more

Contact Sentinel Security today to discuss your next corporate event, or any other safety or security issue.

How to Keep Your Company Safe from Threats Within and Without: Step 2

To keep your company safe, you must know how to protect it from threats both within and without. While our last post focused on how corporate security assessments protect your company from outside forces, today’s post tackles threats that can be even more dangerous and hard to detect — those that come from within your company’s own ranks.

Step 2) Employment & Background Screening
Listen up loud and clear: when it comes to protecting businesses in densely populated areas like the five boroughs, you cannot afford to leave pre-employment screenings to a human resources agency or discount service offering “complete” background checks. Those screenings and checks are hardly ever thorough and virtually never complete!

This year’s news headlines have already shown how horribly things can go when an employee snaps or turns out not to be who everyone thought they were. There’s simply no good way to deal with such a situation ipso facto, so the only solution is to ensure your company is protected from it ever occurring in the first place.

To provide our corporate clients with an accurate and truly complete profile of their potential hires, Sentinel Management Group developed the Pentagon Check. This thorough and meticulous five-step process takes complete advantage of the following invaluable resources:

  1. SSN Trace & Address Locator – reveals a job candidate’s name variations and residence history;
  2. National Criminal Records Indicator – looks at state sex offender registries, FBI and Interpol Most Wanted Lists, federal terror watch lists, and much more;
  3. Statewide & County Criminal Record Searches – uses the residence history found in the SSN Trace and Address Locator, along with any info culled from the National Criminal Records Indicator, to show exactly what potential hires might be hiding about their activity over the past seven years;
  4. Federal Criminal Record Searches – pinpoints federal convictions that may not appear in county and state records, including mail and wire fraud, which is exactly the kind of criminal behavior you’re looking to avoid; and
  5. Driving Record Search – even with a clean criminal record, motor vehicle records might shed light on a shady past including arrest warrants or drug and alcohol problems.

So, is your company protected from threats within and without, or are there serious holes in your defense that could result in bad business, or worse, bad news headlines? Don’t leave it to chance. Contact Sentinel MGI today by completing the form on this page. We’ll guard your current assets and lay a strong foundation for a safer future.

How to Keep Your Company Safe from Threats Within and Without: Step 1

You work in New York City, the Big Apple, the place where the action is. You know some of the risks, but you live with them, because in the City that Never Sleeps, the reward is worth the risk. But how do you know your NYC-based business is really and truly safe?

To keep your company safe, you must know how to protect it from threats both within and without. You must be protected from outside forces that might threaten the physical security of your office or office building, as well as from employees who might have something to hide and whose past could catch up with them, catching you off guard in the process.

Sentinel Management Group can assess the security of your business on both fronts and put in place strategies to ensure your company is better protected moving forward. Here’s how:

Step 1) Corporate Security Assessments
To protect the physical well being of your staff, as well as your actual brick and mortar operation, Sentinel first performs a facility characterization that looks at building blueprints, safety reports, environmental impact statements, site surveys and other existing data to isolate the vulnerabilities of your workplace.

We then look at exactly which kinds of adversaries and tactics might exploit these vulnerabilities. These are called Design Basis Threats (DBTs), a phrase taken from military terminology. It could refer to anything from the kinds of weapons that could be snuck past your lobby security to the kinds of accidental explosions that might occur in and around your building.

Finally, we compile this information and use it to determine the likelihoods of different potential security scenarios unfolding. This gives you a better understanding of the physical security of your corporate assets and puts you in a better position to protect these assets in the future.

A Corporate Security Assessment by Sentinel MGI is one of the first and most crucial steps needed for ensuring the safety and security of your business and its personnel. Use the contact form on this page to get the process started, and check back next month as we discuss the ways Sentinel protects your business from threats that can be even harder to detect, those that come from within.

Industry-Leading Armed Guard Service

It goes without saying that when you hire armed protection, you only want the very best the industry has to offer. Sentinel Management Group’s armed guards are hand-picked from among the most qualified personnel in the private security sector, many of whom have extensive professional experience in New York City law enforcement. All of our armed guards are equipped with decades of hands-on, in-field experience, and are expertly trained to detect, respond to, and neutralize any threat.

The Sentinel Difference

When Sentinel’s armed guard service is requested, we conduct a thorough survey of the area, organization or individual our team will be securing. Our guards are then given a detailed briefing, identifying potential threats and formulating tactical responses to all possible scenarios.

Armed guard service is available for:

  • VIP protection
  • Secure ground transport
  • Special event security
  • Crowd control
  • Executive protection services
  • And much more

If your safety depends on the skill and expertise of armed security personnel, look no further than Sentinel Management Group. Contact Sentinel Management Group today to request our armed guard service.